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Open Water Certification

Either from accident or disease about 15% of the population is statistically
classified as “handicapped”. In the United States alone this percentage
translates into MILLIONS of people, many of whom are fully capable
of becoming scuba divers. Our open water training programs for
people with disabilities are taught with a high margin of safety
because we use teaching techniques developed with over 20 years
of continuous research and feedback. Handicapped students are
trained and certified according to HSA Physical Performance Standards
and a multilevel Certification system so exacting and sensitive
it enables us to train people with a wide range of disabilities,
including paraplegia, quadriplegia, even the blind of those with
high-functioning brain injuries or mild retardation. We base our
students diving proficiency on their ability to assist another
diver in the water. For instance, if you’re a Level A diver, you’re
certified to dive with one other person; a Level B diver must
dive with two other able-bodied divers and a Level C diver not
only requires two dive buddies, but one must be trained in diver
rescue. After meeting the requirements for Basic “Open Water”,
some of our A, B, and C divers go on to obtain an “Advanced” level
of certification.

Doug and Stew

Advanced Open Water Certification-
After meeting the requirements for Basic “Open Water”, some
of our A, B, and C divers go on to obtain an “Advanced” level
of certification.

Joe On The Rumrunner

The Dive Buddy Program- Many
of us know someone, a friend or family member, we’d like to involve
in scuba diving. Or, we’d welcome the challenge of learning about
disabilities, accessibility issues and how to dive with people
who have disabilities. The HSA “Dive Buddy Program” offers able-bodied
divers this opportunity to expand their underwater world to include
sharing it with a handicapped partner. An HSA certified Dive Buddy
receives nearly as much information and skill training as an instructor
, except the training focuses on recreation, not instruction.

Blind Simulation

Instructor Training Course
Since the HSA Instructor Training Course was first
introduced in 1986 we have trained and certified a network of
over 1000 instructors in over 30 countries around the world. The
course provide 3 full days of intensive, insightful theory and
application for those instructors eager to accept the challenge
of sharpening their teaching skills. Each instructor acquires
medical information through 10 hours of lectures on disabilities
– what they are and how they relate to diving – followed by a
series of confined and open water exercises, designed to simulate
disabilities. By “acting out” these handicaps, instructors actually
experience what it’s like to BE a mobility or sight-impaired diver,
a sensitizing , often surprising revelation even for instructors
who have been teaching diving for many years. Our roster of HSA
instructors includes experts in Physical Rehabilitation counseling,
Medical Doctors and other health care professionals able to directly
assess the profound effect of handicapped diving. If you are interested contact us.