1236624_555029021216790_539233266_n“BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES”  WHEELING FORWARD GROUP


On Saturday August 17th, Wheeling Forward and Leaps of Faith joined forces to collaborate “Beyond the Boundaries” which was an adaptive water skiing clinic for children and adults with disabilities. The event was held at Meadow Lake Boathouse at Flushing Meadows in Corona Park, NY. Three members of our Handicapped Scuba Diving Alliance volunteered to help out. Mike was in charge of guiding the skiers and outrigger ski into the water and helping them take off safely. Jayme was a safety swimmer riding on the back of a jet ski ready to jump in if any skiers fell into the water. Although the water was a little murky, everyone had a great time both in and out of the water. A big thank you to Alex Elegudin for putting together such a great event!— at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park.

Once again the adaptive water skiing clinic at Meadow Lake in Flushing, NY was a big success! . The sun was shining as we pulled up to the lake; no storm was going to stop the activities for the day. Alex Elegudin President of the group called “Wheeling Forward” was the coordinator of the program, with “Leap of Faith” WATER SKIERS GROUP running the clinic and the “HANDICAPPED SCUBA DIVING ALLIANCE” supplying the manpower on the dock and in the water. Its was a wonderful project to be involved with and we look forward to next years program. A big thanks to our members: Mike Misko who spend all day in the water getting everyone ready for their ride. Mike Misko JR. who was all over the place on the dock, in the water, and up on the upper dock suiting skiers up with equipment. Sonny Cohen was in the water, and on the dock getting skiers in to the ski sleds. Pete Boyko was the main equipment assembler and spent most of the day on the dock getting skiers in and out of the water and skis. Your guys are the best!— at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park.
“Santa’s Toy Ride” BONAIRE
The Island of Bonaire, NA, along with Captain Don’s Habitat and DEMA host the Annual Wounded Warriors scuba diving certification trip in August; the people of Bonaire embraced our American veterans. The support for this project is a true grass roots effort that Bonaireans take personally. They showed their love from their motorcycle club escorts, gifts from their fine shops, to dinner at many restaurants, diving their beautiful reefs and a special dinner with the governor.
For eight years United States soldiers, who were severely wounded in Iraq and / or Afghanistan, fly to Bonaire for their final open water dives. Next year’s trip is already in the planning stages.
I have had the opportunity to be one of the dive instructors and traveled with them on all six trips to Bonaire. While there, we have had the pleasure to mingle with the local people of the island and to meet the local governing body.
Seeing the out pouring of love and care that the people of the island have bestowed upon our wounded warriors, and after talking to them about the needs of the handicapped children on the island, HSA started a “Santa Toy Ride”. Shipping Christmas toys and other needed items to the island at the holidays.
Seventh Annual “Santa Toy Ride”
This year we shipped 8 large boxes, 325 lbs. of Toys and Clothes to the Island.
Great Job! GUYS!!
Sgt. Craig Zinkowski, Jackson, NJ
Lakewood NJ Rec. Department
Jeff Shapiro
and the Snyder Family