The Handicapped Scuba Diving Alliance is  non-profit organization. Please consider making a financial donation. We’ve done a lot with almost no budget — but our program needs your help to survive and grow. If you would like to contribute to the program expenses of The Handicapped Scuba Diving Alliance please send an email message to or call us at (732) 928-0461 or donate on-the side bar (using Pay Pal or your credit card. If by mail please make checks payable to:
“The Handicapped Scuba Diving Alliance”  16 Afton Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527.
Tell your friends. If you know of a community group that will help with our programs, let them know about us. · Help us with publicity (online.) If you have a personal web page, please consider adding a link to
· Mention what we’re doing in appropriate Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists (but please don’t spam.)
· Help us with publicity (offline.) If you know people in the media, ask them to take a close look at our program, we’d be happy to talk with folks from the media anytime. Our main purpose is to get handicapped students into the water and to make the general public aware that just about anyone can challenge the sport of scuba diving. Whether you’re a scuba diving instructor, a person with a disability, or a diver seeking the personal enrichment of learning how to dive with a handicapped partner or a person interested in making dreams come true for someone, please contact us. We run Discover Scuba Days to introduce handicapped students to scuba diving, our team of volunteer instructors, dive buddies, and support staff are willing to travel to make these programs a success. Just like any other organization we need funds to make it happen. “No person stands as tall as when he stoops to help a handicapped person” Please help us meet our goals.
God Bless!
Stewart W. Snyder III